English Vocabulary Development Program

The program aims to improve the English vocabulary of children from non-English medium schools in Jalna district. There is anxiety among non-English medium students about speaking and reading English, even though it is taught to them as a second language. A robust vocabulary helps alleviate the fear and improves listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. Expanding a child’s knowledge of words provides unlimited access to new information.

We distribute a specially designed JEF English to Marathi Dictionary to all students. This dictionary contains more than 2500 basic words. For easy understanding there are 32 pictorial categories containing 1100 words. Mostly the words are from books of 1 st to 4 th std.

To develop interest in vocabulary we organize the Inter-school English vocabulary competition. There are a series of tests conducted within each school and then selected students compete in inter-school tests. An awards function at the end of the tests is organized to distribute prizes to the winners.

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Group-1 Winners

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Group-2 Winners

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